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Best Gifts For Boyfriends in 2019

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Posted on January 03 2019

Why can it be so challenging to shop for guys?! With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we are starting to think about what to gift that special someone in our lives. If your special someone is a guy, you may be starting to panic! Don’t worry, we’re here to help. 

So, why ARE guys so hard to shop for? 

A few reasons come to mind. Men tend to use fewer accessories and the ones that they do use like watches and headphones can get expensive. So those little in-between gifts that are easy to get for women, like scarfs, necklaces, or even flowers, just don’t quite make the cut for most men. Now, if your guy likes flowers, scarfs, and necklaces, go for it!
Another reason men appear to be a challenge to shop for is that most of the marketing we see is geared toward women. It’s everywhere! Don’t be afraid to step outside the mainstream when thinking about gifts for your boyfriend.

Here are some ideas for finding the perfect gift for that special guy in your life.

For the Technology Buff

Google Daydream - VR Headset

Who doesn’t love new tech toys?! VR is fast becoming the next best way to enjoy gaming and experience the world. With Google’s Daydream headset, he’ll be able to see concerts, play games, and even sports with a 360-degree view!

He’ll need a Daydream-ready phone to use. (most newer android and pixel devices)

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Drone for Beginners

Has your boyfriend wanted to get into the drone craze? This is a great starter! WiFi enabled, a great HD camera, and won’t break the bank, this is a perfect first drone.

For the Traveler

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Audible Gift Subscription  

If he’s always on the go or he has a long commute, consider an Audible subscription. He’ll be able to listen to his favorite books anywhere!

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FitKit Home Gym Kit

If you’ve done any kind of extensive traveling, you know how difficult it can be to stay on track with your fitness routine. This small, easy to pack kit includes a flat resistance band, jump rope, door attachment, reflective armband, and balance floor markers. This set can turn any hotel room into a free mini-gym.

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EO Travel Backpack

This is a perfect carry on backpack. Compartments for everything including a 17” laptop.
The sides can also be expanded for a long weekend pack. It’s no wonder this bag was voted MacWorld’s Editor’s Choice!

For the Groomer

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Beard Grooming Kit
Love it or hate it, if your boyfriend has a beard he loves, make sure he has all the tools to make it look great! The beard trend is back and they can be a bit of work to keep them tamed. A neglected beard can get dry and unruly, but a well-maintained beard can be soft and pretty sharp looking!

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Counterman Gift Set 

Your skin is your biggest organ and even men’s skin needs to be taken care of! Beautycounter has won countless awards for their mission to get safer skincare into the hands of everyone and their commitment to never using over 1500 potentially harmful ingredients. This men's gift set is perfect for the boyfriend that could use a little more self-care and attention toward his skin. The set includes a daily exfoliating cleanser,  smoothing shave cream, cooling aftershave tonic, and oil-free face lotion.

For the Outdoorsy Guy

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If you are on a tight budget or need to get a special gift out the door fast, consider a care package. The fresh baked cookies in our Warm Hugs Care Package is very affordable and our Adventure Pack is perfect for the guy who spends his time outside. It includes a fantastic travel pack that converts into a seat, some travel snacks, a water bottle, small football, and a frisbee.

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MSR PocketRocket Stove Kit
He’ll be ready to test his gourmet kitchen skills in the woods on your next camping trip with this stove set. This ultra-light 10-piece cook set is perfect for any backpacker who wants an easy to pack and carry set of camping cookware.

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For the Sports Fan

Get tickets to see his favorite team play. There’s just something about seeing a sport you love live! StubHub is a great resource for popular and sold out games. You can usually find season ticket holders selling their tickets, often for a great price depending on the game and of course the seats.

NFL Marquee Printed Fleece

OK, to be fair, this may also be a gift for you… Which one of you is honestly more likely to use a fleece blanket? BUT with his favorite NFL team on it? How could he not love that?!

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T-shirt or jersey of his favorite sports team

Any sports fan can always use another shirt from their favorite team. You could even go a step further and get a jersey with his favorite player or customized with his name and favorite number.

Sounders Jersey | College Football Tshirts | Customized Jerseys

For the Long-distance boyfriend

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Long-distance lamp

Let him know when you are home or thinking about him with this set of lamps. Turn on this lamp with a simple touch and its partner will emit the same glow where ever it is. It’s a special way for him to see you are thinking about him.

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BoldLoft His and Hers Long Distance Mugs

Think of each other every morning with this set of matching mugs. Gift one to him and keep one for yourself.

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Picture Frames

Find some great photos of the two of you together and some fun frames!
Another idea with a three-part frame like the one pictured here from Urban Outfitters, have one photo of you, one of him, and in the middle one of you both!

There you have it. Hopefully, this list gave you some great ideas on the best gifts for your boyfriend this year!



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