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Celebrate your Parents this Valentine’s Day

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Posted on February 11 2019

We recently wrote a post for moms with some great ideas on how to spend a special valentines day with their daughters.

But what if you’re the kid? (and really, no matter how old you are, you know you will always be the kid, right?)  We’ve collected some special ways that you can celebrate your parents, mom, dad, or both, this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all romance, you can also use this special holiday to pause, take a beat, and send some love to the parents that shared their love with you all of these years.

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Whether your mom and dad are still married or with another life partner, you can help encourage their romantic side of their relationship. (without it being yucky or weird!)

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Fondue for Two
What’s more romantic (and delicious) than fondue?! This cute fondue pot is perfect for two people and is heated with a simple tea light!


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Date Night In

Marriage and couplehood can be challenging! Especially when it comes to finding new ways to spend date nights and explore your relationship. Date Night In is a great book full of new recipes and new ways to connect.

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Make Your Own Truffles Kit

A night in making truffles together?! Does it get much better than that? We don’t think so. This is a perfect gift and activity for your parents. Maybe they’ll even let you stick around and make a few for yourself too. ;)

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Kwizniac TriviaK Game
If your folks are more into game nights, this game is a fun twist on trivia. This giant box of brain teasers can be fun to break out for a game night or just kept somewhere handy, like the kitchen table to pull out a brain teaser or two over breakfast!


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Spa care package
There’s a reason this care package is one of our most popular!
This set is a great spa night in a basket, perfect for your overworked, in need of a break, mamma.

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We love this precious hand-made necklace. It includes lapis and charms designed to represent a journey, this necklace symbolizes the warmth of support. A perfect mom gift if there ever was one.


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Mega Dad Personalized Comic Book
What dad doesn't want to be the hero in his very own comic book?! Mega Dad is a customized comic that you can order to star your very own dad with his resemblance and your name attached.

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Cooking Gift Set | BBQ Smoker Wood Chip Grill Set

If your dad is the grill master in the house, no doubt he’s always looking for as many different ways to use the grill as he can. This wood ship smoking set adds a variety of great smoky flavors to anything he wants to grill!

Will you be celebrating one or both of your parents this year? Tell us about it! We love to hear the different ways that children and parents celebrate one another.



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