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Ewing Sarcoma: The Forgotten Cancer

Written by Rebecca Hastings


Posted on July 15 2020

What if we shared with you that there is a cancer where nearly half of those diagnosed are adolescents or young adults? Unfortunately, it's true...it's referred to as the "forgotten cancer", but its official name is Sarcoma.

At hugabox, our mission is to not only create a fun and memorable care package for your college student and others, but to educate our communities about sarcoma cancer and donate 90% of our proceeds to 6 leading sarcoma research centers across the United States.

UC Davis Health, Sacramento reported about our daughter (Kelsey's) fight against Ewing Sarcoma in their July 2020 healthcare newsletter. You will learn that one in every thousand families will have a child with a pediatric sarcoma. Help us raise sarcoma awareness by sharing Kelsey's story this Sarcoma Awareness Month. For more information visit UCDavis Health's published article- "Heartbreaking Loss Leads to Unique Donations for Sarcoma Cancer Research." 





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