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Bored College Students: Here's 8 Activities to Get the Creative Juices Flowing

Written by Rebecca Hastings


Posted on April 14 2020

The other day, I ran into a woman I know and her daughter who is a high school senior. As we stood 6 feet, well maybe 4 feet apart, I asked her daughter how she was doing. I thought she may share that she was upset that they were not having graduation or frustrated with her online classes, but the first think she uttered was, “I’m bored!"

hugabox care packages: Boredom


I get it…the Coronavirus, unfortunately, has drastically altered the way young people typically live their lives. The new reality for many is forced remote learning secluded somewhere in the family home. I’m sure they are desperately trying to reach for ways to escape. However, there is a silver lining. It is at this moment (constraints + boredom) that creativity is triggered. According to the World Economic Forum, “while people tend to intuitively believe constraints stifle creativity, they actually have the opposite effect.”

I saw this played out recently when a young amateur skier, Philipp Klein Herrero, was forced to cancel a ski trip due to the Coronavirus. He was bored and he was trapped so he relocated the experience to his living room.


As a parent, the best you can do is recognize the lack of interest or enthusiasm and initiate a conversation about it (i.e. “Have you thought about…….”?). However, before you have that conversation with your teenager or young adult, please read our list of 8 activities that have the potential to trigger innovation. And if you believe your teenager or young adult would not be interested in any of these activities, think about what interests them, do some research and add a new twist to the situation. For instance, if your teenager or young adult has been having Zoom get-to-gathers online, have them think about hosting a theme party on Zoom. There’s lots of ideas here, but my favorite was the March Mindfulness tournament that Mashable hosted.




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