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Looking for Care Package Ideas for College Students?

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Posted on March 25 2019

For those of us that were lucky enough to have received care packages while attending college, these packages will be forever remembered as timely boxes of love from family and friends. The personalized notes, the bonus food when you are about to eat your last package of Ramen Noodles, that extra set of underwear… Priceless! 

Are you searching for care packages ideas for a college student? We’ve got some great ones for care packages that will really go a long way for your college student.

Everyone has unique tastes of course, but some of the most beloved care package ideas never go out of style!

hugabox College Care Packages

Care Package Ideas for College Students | Cash

Yes, cash. Being in college is expensive and if you’re a parent of a college student, we don’t need to tell you! A little infusion of cash can mean a lot during the school year.

Some fun ways to send cash:

  • Send your college student some cash in a picture frame in front of a photo of the family.
  • Stuff a pillowcase full of cash.
  • Send them a new book that’s been on their list and slip a few bills in the pages.
  • Send rolls of quarters.
    Do they have to use a coin-operated laundromat? Don’t underestimate the importance of rolls of quarters!
    See this great Buzzfeed post on a few more fun ways to gift your college student cash.
hugabox  College Care Packages

Care Package Ideas for College Students | Gift Cards

Gift cards are perfect if you aren’t quite sure what they need right now, or if you generally know what they need but aren't sure of the specifics, like dorm furnishings or food.

• Decor and homewares - A dorm room always needs something. A gift card to Wayfair, Target, or Amazon can go a long way for your college student making their dorm more like a home.
• Gift card to a local restaurant - Make sure they’re eating more than Ramen!
• Give them a break - a gift card to a local theatre or museum will ensure they get some fun away from the books.

hugabox College Care Packages

Care Package Ideas for College Students | Baked Goods
OK, who doesn't love getting treats in the mail?!
Pro tip: baked goods will make your college student the most popular one in the dorm if there’s enough to share.

  • Send your college student a non-birthday cake to share with their friends.
  •  Visit your local bakery and gather a collection of their favorite baked sweets.
  • Send a variety of treats. Cookies are great, but what about a loaf of freshly baked bread? Or breakfast bars?
  •  Does your college student have a gluten allergy? Check out these gluten-free cupcakes in a jar!

Send Your College Student a Thoughtfully Curated Care Package
Short of time? Don’t worry, we’ve done the work for you! If you want to send your college student a care package you know they'll love, you can send them one of our thoughtfully curated packages. We teamed up with college students and parents to select the most-requested items to create our hugabox college care packages. Not only will one of our care packages be a success you will also be helping us with our mission to help fund childhood cancer research - a very underfunded section of cancer research - with 90% of all of our proceeds going to these organizations.

Here are a few of the most popular packages that we recommend:

hugaox College Care Packages

Snack Atack

Believe it or not, snacks were the most requested care package item!
We selected the perfect snacks that every college student wants to have handy.   

This college care package includes:
3 kind bars

2 cliff bars

3 fig bars

1 trail mix

4 Annie's snacks

4 Sun Chips

3 fruit snacks
PLUS our custom nylon drawstring backpack. Perfect to carry those snacks, of course!

hugabox College Care Package

You Deserve a Break

Our You Deserve a Break is perfect for the overworked, stressed college student.
This college care package includes:

slippers (one size fits all)

handheld mirror



loofah sponge

pumice stone for nails

shower tablets (eucalyptus)

bag of chocolate kisses
AND a battery or USB powered diffuser with essential lavender oil.

If you’ve not explored the world of essential oils yet, the powerful aromas have been found to help:

  • Mood Elevating
  • Ward Off Illness
  • Breathe Easier
  • Pain Relief
  • Improve Cognitive Function
    All of the things that any college student needs!

hugabox College Care Packages

Care Package Ideas for College Students | A bit of home
If your college student is studying away, send them a bit of home. A framed photo or poster of their hometown, maybe a bag of coffee beans from their favorite coffee shop, a shirt from their favorite hometown sports team, or just search Etsy for the towns name and see what cool things come up! Location specific items are so hot right now.

hugabox College Care Package

Care Package Ideas for College Students | Tech gear
Technology pretty much runs our world right now and college is no exception!
Send your college student a bonus phone and computer charger, Bluetooth headphones, portable hard drive, or a portable battery pack to charge electronics on the go. These items can be invaluable to any college student!

We hope this list helps! Of course, you know your child, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, the best, so use what you know about them, what their life is like and things they love to craft the perfect care package for them. If you need any other suggestions at all, don’t hesitate to ask! We’re happy to help.

Did we leave anything out? What will you send to your college student this year?



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