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Giving Tuesday: Ideas for Participation!

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Posted on 11月 21 2018

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is Giving Tuesday every year. It’s a movement fueled by the power of social media (#givingtuesday) and global collaborations.

This time of year, all of us at hugabox feel thankful for what we have. In our third year of business, we take immense pride in giving back. We do this in many ways from product donations to sponsorships and finally to direct contributions. According to Charity Navigator, now is also a popular time to donate as one-quarter of Americans report making a charitable gift between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. What are some ways that you can give where it matters this Giving Tuesday?


  1. Help someone start a business.  
    Through Kiva, you can help someone start a business or go to school. Kiva is a loan network - so instead of a flat donation, you are loaning someone money to grow a business in a long-term sustainable way. This is a great gift to purchase in your son or daughters name. When the loan is repaid, they will have the choice to keep the money or pay it forward!
    For Giving Tuesday, purchase $50 in Kiva cards and receive $25 to loan.  Learn more about Kiva cards here.

  2. Donate to causes you care about.
    You may already be doing this, but this is a wonderful time of year to reassess your donations and see that your money is going to non-profits and foundations you truly care about. For example, hugabox’s passion is all around helping to fight childhood, adolescent and young adult sarcoma cancer.
    From Critical Mass:

Each year approximately 70,000 adolescents and young adults between 15 and 39 years of age are diagnosed with cancer in the United States. The National Cancer Institute reports that cancer is the leading cause of disease-related death for this age group.” And the leading cause of death by disease among children in the United States (National Cancer Institute)”

If this is a cause you feel passionate about, you can find the major cancer centers we work with here and can donate directly.

3. Give time.

Giving doesn't always have to be financial. Sometimes the giving  of your time, your most precious asset, can mean the most. Find a non-profit that’s close to you and ask how you can help. It may only take one day a month, or a weekend a year. It only takes a little bit of time to make a big impact.

4. Send a care package.

Of course, we’re a bit partial to this one because it’s our favorite way to send love to friends or family to show we are thinking about them! Choose from one of our college care packages that are perfect for students that can’t come home for the holidays, or even just a friend or loved one who may be going through a tough time.

Another great care package to send is to our troops. Even if you don’t know anyone actively serving, you can still send a custom care package to people serving in the military. See the guidelines, current requests, and where to send them here.

5. Send love letters

Moreloveletters.com is committed to sending love letters to those who need them. More Love Letters collects requests from people all over the world who need a boost. Usually nominated by a friend or family member, requests are chosen and posted on their website for people to send written letters to.  People going through sickness, divorce or other traumas, will start receiving these words of love and encouragement from strangers across the globe.  

Send even more letters by hosting a letter-writing party! Invite friends and family together, provide the paper, pens, and postage, send your collective love out into the world.

6. Send a personal postcard with your photo. 

At MyPostCard.com you can upload your images and create a custom message to send to a friend or family member. What a treat to receive in the mail! Create a postcard or greeting card, your choice, choose your template, and they will print and send for you. 

For more ways to get involved see givingtuesday.org for some great ideas and resources.

How will you be giving back this year?



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