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I Am Loved Care Package
I Am Loved Care Package
I Am Loved Care Package
I Am Loved Care Package
I Am Loved Care Package

I Am Loved Care Package


Solmate Sock Size
Style of Solmate Sock

Update 2/6/2020: 

Extra Large- All Solmate Socks colors out of stock except the orange and yellow upper rim

Large- All colors available except the Navy blue/Light blue upper rim 

Medium-all colors available

Small- colors out of stock-red and green upper rim and navy blue/light blue/upper rim 

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, let your college student know they are loved today and everyday. Lots of physically and emotionally warm surprises in this care package. Like the colorful, mismatched socks crafted with care in the USA from recycled cotton by Solmate. And it wouldn't be Valentine's Day without the fun reminders of how much they are loved. These include:

1. A bag of candy kisses

2. An "I Am Loved" button

3. Three decorated pencils with hearts 

How do you size your socks? We sell our adult socks by small, medium and large. Those sizes correspond to the following shoe sizes.
Small: Women's 6 - 8, Men's 5 - 7
Medium: Women's 8 - 10, Men's 7 - 9
Large: Women's 10 - 12, Men's 9 - 11

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