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Let's Celebrate Care Package by hugabox
Acopa Champagne Flutes
Seattle Chocolate Truffle Bar
Mocktail Beverage
Confetti Cannon Celebration
Recyclable Packaging

Let's Celebrate Care Package


We created the Let's Celebrate Care Package for those times when you want to congratulate your loved one, college student or colleague on a job well done. It could be their birthday, graduation, acceptance to post secondary education, making the Dean's List or getting a promotion at work. 

The care package includes:

1) Two Acopa glass champagne flutes 6 oz. protected and packed using recyclable packaging

2) One Confetti Cannon- Non-hazardous air ejects confetti strips over 15 ft.

3) One Seattle Chocolate Bar - Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar with Popping Candy

4) One Mocktail - Alcohol Free, Low in sugar and calories, All Natural ingredients, Vegan friendly, and 99% recyclable packaging

5) And 3 Blow Horns 

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