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90% of proceeds go to childhood cancer research

The Deeeelicious 1/2 Dozen
The Deeeelicious 1/2 Dozen
The Deeeelicious 1/2 Dozen
The Deeeelicious 1/2 Dozen

The Deeeelicious 1/2 Dozen


Flavor 2
Flavor 3

What student doesn't like fresh baked cookies! hugabox has teamed up with The Essential Baking Company in Seattle, Washington to bring you a taste from home. The palm size cookies, baked fresh daily, can be ordered in the following flavors: 1) Oatmeal Raisin, 2) Chocolate Chip, 3) Snickerdoodle  or 4) Ginger Molasses.

One, Two or Three day shipping available through the USPS is advisable. The cookies do not contain preservatives. Please allow 48 hours from time of order to shipping date.

Included in the care package: 6 cookies (Please note: We will double the three flavors you select.)

  • Here's an important message about coronavirus (covid-19) from the Essential Baking Company.
    A note about our cookies and allergies. The Essential Baking Company is a peanut free facility. However, the bakery does use tree nut ingredients in the facility using shared equipment. Therefore, while they clean significantly, there could be trace amounts in the cookies.

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