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National Volunteer Week

Written by Rebecca Hastings


Posted on Tháng 4 27 2022

It’s never too late to thank an amazing volunteer and Erin deserves our biggest heartfelt thanks and gratitude. What does she do? After purchasing care packages, she promoted the hugabox website on the parent’s Facebook page at both of her son’s universities in Maryland and Pennsylvania. However, she didn’t stop there, she encouraged her friends to do the same at their son/daughter’s colleges in North/South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky. We continue to collaborate and share information and we love her creativity, spirit and ideas. Why is Erin so committed? Her family, too, has been touched by sarcoma cancer.

If you would like to be an influencer or volunteer for hugabox, contact us at admim@hugabox.com. We are seeking people that will share our website on their social media sites….preferably college/university parent group sites or pediatric  cancer parent group sites.



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